We Can make It Harder Than It Really Is!

Orchids can be stunning, fascinating and, at times, challenging to grow. After all, most
successes come with some degree of sacrifice and pain, and Caring for orchids
is no exception. However, we can make our
care for orchids far more complicated than it really is.

The key to caring for orchids is to understand these magnificent plants, their background,
their needs and their vulnerabilities.

One huge and very common mistake made when caring for orchids is over watering them. I know you want to care for orchids
effectively, but when it comes to watering you need to curb your enthusiasm
somewhat! You might think that when the
potting soil appears dry that the orchid needs to be watered, but you could not
be further from the truth. You see, even
when the potting bark appears dry, the bark itself holds moisture like a
sponge, so if you want to care for orchids effectively, try watering only once
a week, and do so sparingly.

Light is another key factor in caring for orchids, although the needs of each plant may
vary greatly. If you want to care for
orchids, make sure they have a good amount of light, not direct sunlight but
diffused light. A window facing east may
offer the luxury of cool, morning light whilst protecting them from the harsh
afternoon sun. The ideal amount of light
is 10-12 hours a day is ideal, but you are better to reduce this amount rather
than place them in the direct sunlight of the blazing afternoon sun.

Caring for orchids also means that you should provide an ambient room temperature which
suits them, and which resembles the tropical environment from which they originated. So, keep the temperature between 20-30
degrees Celsius. Remember, exposing your
orchid to hot or cold extremes for any length of time may cause damage.

Care for orchids is not rocket science, and if you build your knowledge and skills, and
take the time to learn, you will find the experience easy and rewarding. Set a good routine for watering and
fertilizing, find a great website, buy a great reference book and take time to enjoy the “caring for orchids”