Here are more orchid-growing tips (continued from my last post)

Pots, not too large, are used as containers.

Extreme care should be taken that repotted Miltonias do not receive water until new roots form.

When the first orchids were imported from their native jungles many years ago, thousands of plants died from being transferred to unnatural conditions under glass with the aerial roots crammed into unsuitable media.

Gradually but surely painful experience has evolved the modern treatment that is now so successful that hothouse-grown plants often far surpass jungle plants of the same species in beauty, and in number and size of blooms.

WITH the end of the flowering season for most plants and with potting under control, the grower finds next that all orchids need rest-some going into such deep rest or dormancy that they appear dead.

In a state of nature this rest is provided by the change of seasons.

It will be found that those plants requiring a long spell of complete rest in the greenhouse come from regions where long periods of hot wind occur.