But the most heartening sight to the orchid grower

But the most heartening sight to the orchid grower is the new roots of a plant awakening from rest.
New roots, of a bright, clear, translucent green with a rosy glow, can be described only as jewel-tipped.
When plants are resting and the roots are inactive, it is only natural that they should require little or no water.
They usually need more air, more sun, and less heat.
In addition to these general rules, each of the genera, according to their native climate, has certain special needs.
The genus Cattleya is moderate in its demands for heat, air, and moisture at all times.
It does not require complete rest.

Withholding water from the pot for a short time after repotting or after flowering will suffice, but the bulbs should not be allowed to become dry to the point of shriveling. Humidity in the air and overhead spray will help keep them plump and firm. They should be well watered in the pot and then allowed to dry out until the pot feels light when weighed in the hand.